Winged Altar from the Workshop of Ivo Strigel (1430/1431‒1516)

Grono, 1510

In the centre of the late Gothic altar, Maria stands with the child, flanked by St Nicholas and St Catherine. On the insides of the wings, St Bernard of Menthon, holding a devil on a chain leash, can be seen, as well as a monk with a book and a bag. Below it, two angels are holding the sudarium [or sweat cloth] with Jesus’ face on it. On the outsides, St Stephan and St Anthony are depicted.

The altar is from the former chapel of «San Nicolao» in Grono and is ascribed to the well-known master of wood sculpting Ivo Strigel from Memmingen (southern Germany). The object is currently being restored. Below, you can discover fascinating details about it!