Giessfasskalter [water container] from the Marschlins Castle

Landquart, 1665

This «Kalter», derived from Middle High German gehalter (container), was for hand washing after the meal, at times when houses were not yet equipped with running water. The dining room cabinet with built in «Giessfasskalter» owes its origin to the custom of eating with one’s fingers, still widespread until well into the 18th century.

This piece of furniture comes from the property of the family von Salis of Marschlins Castle in Igis. With its rich décor, the «Kalter» reflects the high status of its owner, Herkules von Salis-Marschlins (1617‒1686).

The furniture collection of the Museum includes over 1000 objects; of these, about 50 are dining room cabinets and «Kalter».