Panel of Fabric from the Art Installation «flüchtige behausung» [fleeting habitation] by Peter Trachsel (1949–2013)

Chur, 2004

As an artist Peter Trachsel was intensively concerned with performance art. At his place of residence Dalvazza in the Prätigau he founded the association «Die Hasena, Institut für (den) fliessenden Kunstverkehr» [Hasena, institute for flowing art communication]. With the association he realised participative art projects in the valley.

After the artist’s early death, the Museum was allowed to take over his extensive textile collection. For years he had collected fabrics from different epochs. Some of these were used for his art projects.

In 2004 the exhibited fabric panel was part of his work «flüchtige behausung». For this he distributed five pitched and forty rolled-up tents all over the town of Chur.