Portrait of Ulysses von Salis-Marschlins (1728‒1800)

Place unknown, 1794

Ulysses von Salis was one of the most influential people from Graubünden of his time. Having grown up in Chiavenna and Soglio and having studied law, his career led him into the highest offices. Furthermore, he dedicated himself to various Enlightenment-related projects, for example the educational institution «Philanthropin».

In 1768 he became the diplomatic representative [chargé d'affaires] of France in the Three Leagues. With his politics, he irritated many, namely the «Patriot Party». In 1794 he avoided confrontation with the Assembly of the Leagues by fleeing, leading to his banishment from Graubünden. The portrait, painted by Felix Maria Diogg (1762‒1834), depicts him at that time. Salis died in 1800 in Vienna.