Plaster Cast of a Melted-Down Church Bell of 1768

Sagogn, 1963

Even a church bell has to be replaced now and again. In general, bells that are no longer in use are melted down because of their metal value. The Raetian Museum endeavoured to save at least some of them. This was not always successful: There are only four plaster casts left of the bell from the foundry Grassmayr in Feldkirch, which at one time rang in the church tower of the Catholic parish church «St. Mariä Himmelfahrt» in Sagogn.

However, a happier end was granted the story of the bell from Breil/Brigels of 1513 that came to the collection in 1964. It could not only be rescued from destruction but actually finds its use again today at its place of origin after a cemetery renovation.