Dutch Certificate of Service for Caspar Selig of Flims

Place of issue uncertain, 1759
Item on loan from the State Archive Graubünden (StAGR A I/02b Nr. 265)

Caspar Selig was one of the thousands of Graubünden soldiers who fought in foreign service as mercenaries. This elaborately designed document confirms that his term of service in the Netherlands had ended and that he had fulfilled his duty in the regiment of Heinrich Sprecher von Bernegg. It enabled him to travel home across Europe without arousing suspicions of him being a deserter. In fact, desertion was severely punished, including the death penalty.

For many decades both the Raetian Museum and the State Archive Graubünden collected archival documents. In 2005 this duplication was eliminated: the Museum handed over its holdings, including this document, to the Archive.