Triscenorama in Commemoration of the Vows of Graubünden Theologian Bonifaz Räss (1848–1928)

Savognin, 1892

So-called «Kastenbilder» [Triscenoramas] were a popular wall decoration in the 19th century, expressing the commemoration of special events in one’s life or of special people. Their elaborate designs contained symbolic representations, artificial flowers and sayings. In many cases they were filigree works made in monasteries.

This shadow box commemorates the religious vows of the Chur native and priest Bonifaz Räss, who ministered in Appenzell at the time. The silk-lined box is equipped with a representation of Christ, an altar with chalice and decorations with leaf and fruit motifs. The materials used were printed cardboard, paper, gold foil and golden beads.