Advertising Poster of the Wine Merchant «Schmid & Conzetti»

Bern, 1870

As of 1512 the Valtellina was one of the subject territories of the Three Leaques. Local wine growing was a sought-after revenue source for Graubünden’s ruling class. Valtellina wine was said to be especially delicious. Many people from Graubünden acquired vineyards in the southern valley. Around two thirds of the wine produced was exported to Graubünden, to the Tyrol or to southern Germany.

Even after the dissolution of its subject status in 1797, wine growing remained of great economic importance for the Valtellina. Graubünden was the largest customer of wine from the valley. The wine merchant «Schmid & Conzetti», active in Chur and Poschiavo, was among the specialised importers of «Veltliner» in the 19th century.