Ravioli Maker from the Pasta Factory CADA

Chur, around 1940

Founded in 1841, the «Fideli» [capellini] factory in Chur was one of the first pasta factories in Switzerland and one of the few industrial businesses in the canton of Graubünden. In 1901, when Johann Caprez-Danuser took over the business between the Sägen- and the Salvatorenstrasse, the firm CADA (first 2 letters of double name) was established. For three generations, the Chur «Teiggi» remained in the family. In 1997 the factory was reorganised as the «Frigemo Produktion Chur AG», until it closed its gates in 2006 after 165 years.

This manually operated ravioli maker was used for decades to produce fresh ravioli that were sold directly from the factory to restaurants, hotels, shops and private individuals.