Felt Hat «Grashelm» from Trijnie Veenstra

Valens, 2006

The «Grashelm» was made in 2006 by the felt artist Trijnie Veenstra for the exhibition «Hauptsachen. Die Kopfbedeckung: Schutzfunktion, Mode und Machtdemonstration» [head objects/essentials. Headgear: protective function, fashion and demonstration of power] produced at the Raetian Museum.

Seen historically, headgear was always part of a smart wardrobe. Until today, common sayings such as «unter die Haube kommen» [«to come under the bonnet», which means getting married], point to the fact that especially married women usually covered their hair. From the 1960s onwards, hats lost their representative meaning. Today the hat is no longer a social duty but a fashion statement. This is illustrated by the «Grashelm» as a contemporary object in our collection.