«Taufzettel» [Christening Letter] for Margreth Oberpreier from her Godmother

Churwalden, 1898

At the Raetian Museum almost 200 so-called «Taufzettel» are kept dating from the time between 1754 until 1906. In those days it was the custom to give the godchild a letter with the «Taufbatzen» [christening coin] and a Bible verse in memory of the christening.

Our pre-printed christening letter is signed by the godmother Margreth Walser. It was lovingly kept in a decorated cardboard box in an envelope with an imprinted picture of Jesus. In the envelope there was also a special compartment for the gift of money. The godchild received such a letter from each godparent as a good-luck charm, keepsake and baptism certificate.